Descent-World X Shredder MTB Zine: Digital Meets Print

Descent-World X Shredder MTB Zine: Digital Meets Print

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Digital Meets Print - Two of Scotland's leading MTB media creators have joined forces for a collaborative printed publication.

Not For The Net - A note from the editor: Tommy Wilkinson.

Descending New Heights - A note from the editor: Stuart Leel.

The Social Scotsman - The Dave Munro interview.

A Wee Place For Us - The Descent-World forum changed lives.

An Adventure Through Illustration - The Lois Vero interview.

Enjoy It - The Craig Evans interview.

#LongLiveChainsaw - A tribute to the legend.

The Land Of Opportunity? - A not so "Ranulph Fiennes epic bro" adventure by Tommy Wilkinson.

Artist Spotlight - Illustrations by Justin Lawrie.

Taming The Beast - What it takes to win the Fort William World Cup by Chris Kilmurray.

Dream Trail: The Rat-Track - Josh Bryceland talks us through his perfect playground.

Fresh Threads - How to dress like a Shredder.

Nostalgia - A trip down memory lane with Tommy Wilkinson.

Free stickers with every order (whilst stocks last).

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