Shredder MTB Zine Issue One

Shredder MTB Zine Issue One


Shredder MTB Zine is a new age MTB counter-culture publication. I take pride in focussing on the more creative side of mountain biking by featuring humble, creative and often underrated riders all based around the globe. Shredder is self published and made out of a love for design, print and most importantly, bikes.

Living In The Past - A note from the editor.

Renaissance Man - A look at the photography work of Innes Graham.

An Ode To Bill - The mixed emotions of Fort William.

The Death Of Cool - A tongue in cheek look at how many BMXers and skateboarders are starting mountain biking in their later years.

When Preparation Met Opportunity - An interview with Greg Williamson.

Now Vs. Then - How mountain biking and media has changed over the past 20 years.

Artist Spotlight - A look at the artwork of Aberdeen Local Neil Kellas.

Cut From A Different Cloth - A catch up with the MTB individualist, Ronan Taylor.

Disposable Hereos - A Lo-Fi look at the 2015 Fort William World Cup.

Always On The Hustle - An interview with Edinburgh based rider and illustrator Mike Hughes.

One Last Thing - The editors final thought.

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