Shredder MTB Zine Issue Eight

Shredder MTB Zine Issue Eight


Escapism: the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

Who Are We Rebelling Against?: If Shredder is mountain bike counter-culture, what is mountain bike culture? Is there even such a thing as mountain bike culture?

Be Different: Duncan Hague’s substantial collection of work oozes so much personality. He’s the owner of a stripped back style that enables the feelings of his riding subjects to really shine through. This is often through telling stories of accomplishment or struggle, but most commonly he encapsulates the sheer enjoyment that comes from riding a bike. Find out more about Duncan in this 24 page interview/photofolio article.

Death To Bike Robots: Will Weston talks about a specific breed of racer and acknowledges his own struggles to overcome the robotic prima donna he once was.

Disposable Heroes 8: Disposable isn’t a word that flies well in 2021, which is probably a good thing. People are starting to wake up and realise that our throwaway society isn’t doing anyone any favours. Single-use items that end up in a landfill afterwards are not good - fact! I think that’s a discussion we can all agree on, but there is one kind of disposable item Jake Hood can get behind; the disposable camera.

Execution Is What's Up: I spoke to one of mountain biking most prolific filmmakers, Clay Porter, to find out how he came interested in videography and what inspires him to continue making groundbreaking productions.

Big Fun: From the long hair, dirty clothes and rough and rugged appearance, you could quite easily mistake Nico Vink as a rather intimidating individual. This preconception is instantly shattered as soon as you witness his contagious attitude; his positive, upbeat personality and unfathomed excitement for riding makes him one of the most approachable characters in mountain biking.

Piss With The Dick You've Got: “The more you know, the less you need”. This contributed article from Ollie Hindley covers a huge array of important topics, most importantly wastefulness and discusses how we can not only become more mindful, but how we can also improve our quality of riding.

Click X5: I ask mountain bike photography legend Sven Martin to talk about 5 randomly selected images from his extensive catalogue.

An Unavoidable Desire: This interview has been a long time coming. It’s a celebration of a rider who brings positivity to mountain biking in abundance. He's well loved across the globe; from freeriders, to World Cup downhill competitors, to enduro racers alike. I speak to the footplant stomping, tree-ride jibbing, loose turn shralping, bicycle shredder known as Josh ‘Loosedog’ Lewis.

Loud About Being Quiet: With very little knowledge of Ferris Fairbairn’s background in bikes or how his company VHS came to be, I needed to find out more about who he was and how he was able to make his vision a reality, becoming one of the leaders in such a unique market in the process.

Stay Outside: Toria Jaymes is best known as Stay Outside - a name derived from her love of spending time outdoors partaking in her favourite hobbies; riding motorbikes, skating and snowboarding to name a few. I asked the adventure seeking illustrator about her art, inspirations and what keeps her motivated to continue pushing her creative side.

Solitude: Everyone has demons and dark parts of them lingering inside, but finding a way of controlling the darkness, that’s key. Riding can help overcome all of the struggles that life throws at you. Dom knight discusses what filming a video part in 2021 meant to him in this incredible photography focussed article.

Escapism: Something I chose to take part in based on what I saw on my television turned into a life long obsession. Healthy or unhealthy, it’s clear that at this stage riding a bike has become more than an obsession to me.

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